Colorado Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The Colorado limited (special) power of attorney form is a document used to allow an individual (the Principal) to assign responsibility to an Agent to act on their behalf and make decisions concerning their property. Within the form is a description of the specific powers the Principal grants the Agent/Attorney-in-Fact.

Herein lies the discrepancy between a general and limited or special power of attorney; the limited power of attorney specifies the tasks assigned as opposed to allowing for a blanket delegation of power. In Colorado, the limited power of attorney form must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public in accordance with CO Rev Stat § 15-14-705.

How To Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the form and first placing the Principal’s full name in the first blank line

  • Enter the principal’s social security number into the next line
  • Enter the full name of the selected Attorney In Fact/Agent
  • Enter the physical address for the appointed Attorney In Fact/Agent
  • Enter the telephone number for the Attorney In Fact/Agent

Step 2 – Principal’s powers granted – This section will ask the Principal to enter only those powers they wish to grant to the Attorney In Fact/Agent

  • Enter the powers the principal would like the Attorney In Fact/Agent to handle for them
  • If more room is required, add a sheet expanding the list of powers and attach to the form

Step 3 – The Principal and Agent should read the paragraphs at the end of the form

  • Enter the date that the principal is signing the document in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Provide the principal’s signature
  • Once the document is complete, make copies for the principal’s records and provide the original to the Attorney In Fact/Agent
  • This document may be revoked at any time in writing