Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

A revocation is a form that is used to terminate a current power of attorney document that is in existence whether it be for durable (financial or medical), limited, vehicle, tax, real estate, child, or any other commonly used circumstance where the designation of an individual was appointed. After signing, recommended to be in the presence of a notary public, the document should be sent to the agent and any secondary agent (if applicable). In addition, the revocation should be given to any party that should be informed of the cancellation.

If the agent continues to use the designation of agent after being notified of the power of attorney’s termination he or she may be found guilty of fraud.

Revocations by State

How to Write

Step 1 –  Specify the Use of the Document –

  • Check the box that indicates which powers document to be revoked. If “Other” is selected, enter the title of the document for revocation

Step 2 – The Parties – Enter:

  • The Principal’s full name
  • Submit the title of the document to be revoked
  • The date in which the document was executed
  • Full name of the Agent
  • Full name of the alternate Agent (if any)

Step 3 – Principal’s Signature –

  • Date Principal’s signature in dd/mm/yy format
  • Printed name
  • Signature
  • Send copies to Agent(s) and all other interested parties who possess a copy of the document

Step 4 – Notarization –

  • The notary shall witness the Principal’s signature and complete the document by provision of all other required information