South Carolina Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The South Carolina revocation power of attorney form is a legal document that may be used by a Principal to complete and inform an Agent(s) that their powers have been revoked. The signature of the Principal must be witnessed by a Notary Public before it may be acknowledged. Once the document has been completed, the Principal must deliver or have the document served to the Agent in order to remain in compliance with any powers document and state law.

How to Write

Step 1 – Selection of Use –

  • Check any appropriate boxes that would indicate the chosen use(s) of the document

Step 2 – Parties Information –

  • Enter the Principal’s name
  • Provide the title of the powers document up for revocation
  • Submit the date that the powers document was executed
  • Enter the name of the Agent
  • Enter any names of any Successor/Alternate Agent(s)

Step 3 – Date and Signature –

  • Enter the date of commencement of the revocation document in dd/mm/yy format
  • Print the name of the Principal
  • Submit the Principal’s signature

Step 4 – Notarization –

  • After the Notary Public has witnessed the Principal’s signature, they shall complete the document and affix the official seal.