Louisiana Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Louisiana revocation power of attorney form is a simple document that is used by a Principal who has implemented a powers document to grant an Agent permission to take control of some aspect of their estate, health care decisions or permission by parent(s) to care for minor children, to revoke the powers granted. The Principal may revoke the powers granted by completing and delivering this document to the Agent.

How to Write

Step – 1 – Download the document – Check the appropriate box(es):

  • Health Care Powers
  • Financial Powers
  • Other (enter any other titled documents the Principal may wish to revoke)

Step – 2 – The Parties –

  • Enter the name of the Principal
  • Add the title of the document
  • Enter the date in which the document was executed
  • Enter the name of the Agent
  • Enter the name of the Successor Agent

Step – 3 – Revocation –

  • Enter the date in which the Principal would care to execute the revocation in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Print the name of the Principal
  • Principal must submit their signature

Step 4 – Notarization –

When the Notary has witnessed the Principal’s signature, the Notary will then complete the remaining portion of the form with their state notary requirements and shall affix an official state seal (if any)

Step 5 – Copies of Documentation –

  • The Principal should make copies to distribute to, not only the Agent(s) but all other interested parties that possess a copy of the original powers granted