Florida Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Florida revocation power of attorney form is a legal document that will cancel any power of attorney form that has been created in the State of Florida. The one page form must be authorized with and before a notary public in order to become a legal revocation of powers and must be distributed to every Attorney In Fact/Agent and any private or public institution with whom the Principal holds interest so that they are aware that the document they currently hold is now null and void and should no longer be accepted. This may only be placed in order by the Principal as long as they are competent to put the revocation into place. (See F.S. Chapter 709 .2110 -1 and 2)

How To Write

Step 1 – Inasmuch as this document must be completed by a notary and two witnesses:

  • You must take a copy of the document you wish to revoke and your witnesses before a notary public

Step 2 – The notary public will review the document and will then complete the revocation information portion of the form

Step 3 – The Principal will then provide the following:

  • Enter the Date of Principal’s Signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • The Principal will enter their signature

Step 4 – Witness Attestation – This document will require two witness signatures:

  • The two lines under the Dated Principal signature must be signed by the each witness, respectively

Step 5 – Notary’s Date Completion of the Form:

  • The notary public, after witnessing all signatures will complete the form, sign it and affix their state seal
  • The revocation form is now considered a legal document, make copies and be certain to provide the revocation form to all who hold copies of the power of attorney that is now revoked.