Arizona Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Arizona revocation power of attorney form is a document that would cancel a power or authority previously granted. You may revoke a Power of Attorney at any time and for whatever reason you wish. You must provide a revocation document in writing and provide a copy of the Revocation form to any third party holding interest, such as your attorney in fact/agent, a bank or any financial institution with whom you or your Agent do business. A regular power of attorney can be revoked at any time for any reason just as long as the principal is considered mentally competent. An incapacitated or incompetent principal will not have the ability, legally, to revoke a power of attorney especially if it is durable. In cases such as these, it is likely that court proceedings may need to determine whether or not the principal is competent to revoke the document.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the instructions and form.

  • Begin by carefully reading all of the instructions on page one.

Step 2 – On page two, the following information must be entered and checked:

  • Person Filing
  • Address (if not protected)
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Lawyer’s Bar Number
  • Check one of the following:
  • Representing Self, without a Lawyer
  • Attorney for Petitioner
  • Respondent

Step 3 – In section number 1:

  • Identify both the Principal and the attorney in fact by completing the information in their respective fields
  • Principal’s name
  • Principal’s physical address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Date of Birth
  • Enter the name of the Agent/Attorney in fact
  • Agent’s physical address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Agent’s Date of Birth

Step 4 – Revocation – The principal must complete the following fields:

  • Principal’s printed name
  • Principal’s physical address
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Provide the date of the initial document for the purpose of identification for revocation
  • You must not sign the document until you are before a notary public. Once you’re in front of a notary, the principal must sign the document.

Step 5 – Witness – The principal must provide a witness. The witness must provide the following information

  • Printed name of witness
  • Signature of witness (also to be signed before a notary)
  • Physical address of the witness
  • City, State, Zip Code of Witness

Step 6 – Notarization – The remainder of the information must be completed by the notary and the notary seal must be affixed.

The notary will then hand the document back to you. You will then need to make enough copies to provide to your previous agent and all businesses who will need copies to require proof of revocation of the document.