Arizona Tax Power of Attorney Form

The Arizona tax power of attorney form is a document required as written authorization with respect to disclosure of tax information to a designee of a taxpayer. Due to the confidential nature of tax documents, the department does require that the authorization be a power of attorney according to § 43-303. This will allow a tax preparation professional to acquire needed tax information so that they may properly calculate and complete your tax form(s). If the preparation professional is a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner, they must meet the description of the definition outlined in A.R.S. § 42-2069(D)(1).

How To Write

Step 1 – Taxpayer Information –  Download the form and begin by completing the information required in the first section of the form

  • Enter the taxpayer(s) name(s)
  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Present physical address
  • Apartment or Suite Number
  • Daytime area code and telephone number
  • City, Town and/or Post Office
  • State, Zip Code

Step 2 – Appointee Information – Enter the following information with regard to your appointee as follows:

  • Name of Appointee – if there are additional names and information, add them on a separate sheet to be attached with this form
  • Appointee’s physical address
  • Apartment or Suite number
  • City, Town or Post Office
  • State, Zip Code
  • Area code with daytime telephone number
  • Provide one of the following identification numbers:
  • State and State Bar Number or
  • State and Certifi ed Public Accountant Number or
  • Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agent Number or
  • Social Security or Other ID No. If “other” what type

Step 3 – Tax Matters –

  • Enter the tax years to be addressed

Step 4 – power of attorney – If you are a taxpayer granting power to your appointee as stated on the form:

  • Check the box in section 4

Step 5 – Revocation of Earlier Authorizations – If you are a tax payer that would like to revoke all previous powers of attorney:

Check the box in section 5

Step 6 – Signature of or for taxpayer(s) – In this section the taxpayer(s) must provide:

  • Signatures for one or both taxpayers
  • Dates of signatures
  • Printed names of taxpayers

Step 7 – The remainder of the form is to be completed by your selected appointee.

  • Be certain to ask for a copy of this document for your records