Arizona Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Arizona durable power of attorney form is a written instrument by which a principal would designate another person as the principal’s agent. The instrument shall contain words that demonstrate the principal’s intent, that the authority conferred in the durable power of attorney may be exercised. (See revised §14-5501). This power of attorney document turns over all financial responsibility to the principal’s attorney in fact. Read all of the information in the document very carefully to be certain that you wish to provide these powers to your attorney in fact.

Must be signed before one (1) witness and notary public. The witness cannot be the agent, the agent’s spouse, the agent’s children, or the notary public

How To Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the form provided. Enter the following information on page one of the form:

  • Principal’s name
  • Place of residence, physical address
  • Date of Birth

Step 2 – Attorney-In-Fact/Agent- Enter the following into their respective fields:

  • Attorney-In-Fact’s name
  • Place of residence, physical address
  • Date of Birth

Step 3 – Carefully read paragraphs 1-6. If for any reason you aren’t certain you understand the statements you’re signing, you may wish to contact an attorney for further information:

  • Once you’ve read and feel you fully understand the information, you (principal) must sign on the signature line provided

Step 4 – In the presence of a notary public, you must read and enter the required information as follows:

  • Principal’s full name
  • Date the document is being signed in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Principal must sign before a notary on the signature line

Step 5 – Witness – Your notary may serve as your witness. The witness must:

  • Enter their full name
  • Enter the date they are signing the document in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Witness must sign on the “Signature of Witness” line

Step 6 – The notary public will then:

  • Complete all of the required notary information
  • Apply their seal
  • Sign the document

The notary will then hand the document back to you. You and your agent should both retain a copy of the full document.