Alabama Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Alabama revocation power of attorney form is a legal document that would allow a Principal to revoke any previous power of attorney that were created. The document would be made to address any Agent and/or successor, to advise that the document is no longer valid and their services are no longer needed. Once the document(s) are completed, by the Principal, they must be notarized and delivered, either in person or by service to each Agent.

How to Write

Step 1 – Check the appropriate box –

  • Check the box indicating what type of document will be revoked
  • Health Care
  • Financial
  • Other (specify)

Step 2 – The Parties –

  • Enter the Name of the Agent(s)
  • Enter the title of the portion or the document that the Principal would like to revoke
  • Enter the date of the execution of the document to be revoked (or that contains the portion that will be revoked
  • Enter the name of the Agent and the Alternate Successor Agent (if any)

Step 3 – Date of Revocation –

  • Enter the date of revocation of the document
  • Print the name of the Principal
  • Enter the Principal’s Signature

Step 4 – Notary Acknowledgement –

  • Once the document has been completed, the Principal must provide signature before a notary public. The notary will then acknowledge the document by completing the remainder of the document and providing the official seal.