Alabama Power of Attorney for Children Form

In accordance with § 26-2A-7 the Alabama durable power of attorney form for children allows a parent to elect a guardian for a period of up to one (1) year. The document is to be acknowledged in front of a notary public with both the parent and guardian (principal and agent) present. This document would allow permission from the natural parents for the attorney(s) in fact, to act as if the natural parents were present. Any lawful decisions regarding the child(ren) would be handled by the attorney(s) in fact and in the best interest of the children, until the natural parent(s) resume care and custody or the attorney(s) in fact have been notified that the document is terminated. Termination of the document may be done by providing the agent(s) in writing, any time.

Step 1 – Section 1 – Begin by downloading the form and completing the lines in the first paragraph.

  • In the first two lines, enter the name of the parents or complete only one line if there is only one parent living or with full time custody.
  • In line 3 enter the physical address of the parent(s)
  • In the lines at the bottom of paragraph 1, enter the name of the children who will be in the temporary care and custody of the attorney(s) in fact. If there are more than 2 children, add them on the form or if more room is required attach the names of the children on an additional sheet.

Step 2 – Section 1 continued- Carefully read all of the paragraphs in section 1 noted as (a) through (e) inasmuch as all paragraphs will apply to the care of your children, by the attorney(s) in fact.

Step 3 – Read the brief statement in section 3 then, in the lines provided:

  • Enter the date in which you (parent(s) would expect the direction of the document to end. This stated date should be no longer than one year from the date of the signing of the form, or prior.

Step 4 – Section Numbers 3 and 4- must be read carefully by the parent(s) prior to signing of the document.

Step 5 – The services of a notary public, must be acquired to seal this document in order that it may be considered legal and biding even though it’s temporary.

  • The parent(s) will date the document by filling in the lines (mm/dd/yyyy format)
  • The parent(s) will sign on the lines below the date and the notary will seal each signature.

The remainder of the document will be completed, signed, dated and sealed by the notary public. The document will then be complete and available for use by the attorney(s) in fact on the date as stated by the parents in the document