Alabama Tax Power of Attorney | Form 2848A

The Alabama tax power of attorney form is a form provided by the principal, granting a general authority with respect to state taxes and authorizes the selected agent to; prepare, sign, and file federal, state, local, and foreign income, gift, payroll, property, Federal Insurance Contributions Act, claims for refunds,  any requests for extension of time, any petitions regarding tax matters, and all other tax-related documents (see ALA 26-1A-216). Very basically, this provides permission to someone else to handle your Alabama state tax completion. Carefully check behind the attorney or any person who prepares your taxes inasmuch as, you will be completely responsible for any mistakes made, not the preparing party. This particular form should be completed for and by each and every tax payer that your tax preparation profession works with, as well as the tax preparation professional.

How To Write

Step 1 – Part I – power of attorney – This section will simply collect basic needed information for your attorney or whomever assists in providing your tax preparation. You must complete Part 1 -Section 1 as follows:

  • Provide (by typing or print) the tax payer’s full name and address
  • To the right of that box, enter your (tax payer’s)Social Security Number
  • Employer Identification number
  • Daytime telephone number(s)

Step 2 – Section 2 – Will ask that you enter the information needed with regard to the appointment of representative(s). Provide the following information:

  • In the larger box in  section 2, provide the names and addresses of the representative who will become your attorney(s) in fact.
  • In the boxes to the right in section two, provide the telephone number(s) and fax number(s) of the attorney(s) in fact
  • Be certain to check the small boxes at the bottom of section two information, if notices and communications are to be sent.

Step 3 – Section 3 – Tax Matters –  This section will address the type of tax matters the attorney(s) in fact, will be addressing. The following information will be required for your attorney(s) in fact to be able to assist in proper tax preparations for the state of Alabama. Section 3 will contain 3 columns. Complete the columns as shown:

  • Column 1 will as for the Type of Tax being addressed. List all types in column one
  • Column 2 will require that numbers related to each tax issue being addressed. Provide the tax form numbers in column 2 matching column 1 tyow of tax.
  • Column 3 will require that you provide the year(s) and/or tax period(s) being addressed. Provide this information in column 3 matching columns 1 and 2.

Step 4 – Acts Authorized – This section must be read carefully as, if boxes are checked an initialed, your attorney in fact will have a right to provide information to 3d parties if needed and may sign your form. These actions are not unusual and most likely are needed, read the information in the paragraph, if you agree with all, check the following boxes accordingly.

  • Disclosure to third parties
  • Substitute or add representative(s)
  • Sign a return

Step 5 – Exceptions to Acts Authorized -This paragraph addresses who may or may not represent or sign tax documentation and any limitations for those who may, in fact, represent any tax payer.

  • Once you’ve carefully read the “Exceptions” paragraph, list the specific deletions (if any) that would otherwise be allowed if you did not list any deletions, in the lines provided under the paragraph.

Step 6 – Section 5 – Retention/Revocation of Prior Powers of Attorney – This section will simply either revoke prior powers of attorney you’ve had filed with the state in the past with past attorney(s) in fact or it will allow you to retain same attorney in fact if you so desire.

  • Read the paragraph carefully. If you choose to remain with your last attorney in fact, simply check the box at the end of the statement
  • Attach a copy of the previous power of attorney

Step 7 – Section 8 – Signature of Taxpayer(s) – If this tax return is concerning a matter in past tax years whereas a joint return was filed, the spouse must complete and sign a separate power of attorney. Be certain to provide signatures or the power of attorney will be returned to the taxpayer(s)

  • Carefully read the paragraph in section 8
  • Provide the taxpayer’s signature
  • Provide your printed name
  • Provide the date the form was signed
  • Provide the taxpayer’s title, it it applies

Step 8 – Part II – Declaration of Representative(s) – This information is entirely the responsibility of the representative. He/She must carefully review the information in Part II and provide the following:

  • In the first field provided – designation should be entered by selection from letters A-K
  • Representative must enter their state jurisdiction and enrollment card number in the second field
  • Representative must provide their signature in the third field
  • Representative must provide the date in which the document was signed

If the representative’s information, signature and date are not provided, the document will be returned