Indiana Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Indiana revocation power of attorney form is a legal document that allows the Principal, who has created a power of attorney, to revoke the rights of the appointed Agent(s) to continue to make decisions on their behalf, once they have recuperated or returned with the ability to now attend to their own business. The document must be completed, notarized and delivered to the Agent(s) to ensure that they are properly notified of the change.

How to Write

Step 1 – Power(s) to be Revoked – Check the applicable box(es)

  • Health Care Powers
  • Financial Powers
  • Other – Enter any other titled documents

Step 2 – Parties –

  • Enter the Principal’s full name
  • Provide the title of the document(s) to be revoked
  • Provide the date of execution of the document(s)
  • AND
  • Enter the name of the Agent
  • Enter the name of any Alternate Agent (if any)

Step 3 – Preferred Date of Revocation –

  • The Principal must enter the date of preference as to when the revocation should be recognized
  • Principal’s Printed Name
  • Principal’s Signature

Step 4 – Notary Acknowledgement – Must sign before a Notary Public:

  • The Notary Public will witness signature to the document and complete all other necessary and required steps in order to properly acknowledge the document for the record

Indiana Revocation Power of Attorney Form

Indiana Revocation Power of Attorney Form