Indiana Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Indiana medical power of attorney form is a legal document that will be provided by a Principal to allow an Agent to oversee powers pertaining to health care of the Principal while they are ill and/or absent. The Principal shall specify the powers they wish to grant to the delegated Agent. The Agent should care for the health care decisions as if the Principal were available and able to care for their own health care decisions.

LawsIC 16-36-1-6

Related Forms

Living Will Declaration (PDFWord) – To make end-of-life treatment options in case the patient is terminally ill and can no longer speak for themselves.

Life Prolonging Procedures Declaration (PDFWord) – To make it known to all hospital staff that the patient intends on doing any means necessary to prolong their life.

Signing Requirements

The principal is required to sign in the presence of a one (1) witness (IC 16-36-1-6).