Indiana Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Indiana durable financial power of attorney form is a legal document that allows a Principal to provide written permission for a selected Agent to oversee any business and financial transactions and provide care for the Principal’s real property. The powers granted may be broad and therefore the Principal should review the entire document prior to completion and signature. If the Principal is unsure about the contents, they may consider speaking with an attorney.

This document will require notarization or attestation by witnesses ((IC 30-5-4-1(a)(4)).

How to Write

Step 1 – Principal’s Information:

  • The Principal should read the introduction at the top of the document before proceeding
  • If read and in agreement, enter the Principal’s Name
  • Enter the Principal’s Address
  • Provide the name of the Agent
  • Enter their address
  • Principal must read the following three statements

Step 2 – Powers to be granted or denied by the Principal to the Agent – The Principal must initial all powers they wish to allow and leave the lines blank for the powers to be denied by the Principal:

  • Real Property Transactions
  • Tangible Personal Property Transactions
  • Stock and Bond Transactions
  • Commodity and Option Transactions
  • Banking and Other Financial Institution Transactions
  • Business Operating  Transactions
  • Insurance Annuity Transactions
  • Estate, Trust and Other Beneficiary Transactions
  • Claims and Litigation
  • Personal and Family Maintenance
  • Benefits from Social Security, Medicare, or Other Governmental Programs or Military Service
  • Retirement Plan Transactions
  • Tax Matters
  • All of the Powers Listed Above (Place an N on the line if the Principal would like to grant all powers)
  • Special Instructions (Principal may enter special instructions limiting or extending powers granted to the Agent
  • The Principal must review all of the statements below Special Instructions

Step 3 – Signature – Before a notary public or witnesses:

  • Enter the Date of the Signature in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Enter the Principal’s Signature

Step 4 – Notary Acknowledgement or Witnesses-

Once the notary or witnesses have attested the signature, they must provide their state-required information. Notary will affix their seal