Delaware Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Delaware Revocation Power of Attorney Form is used when a Power of Attorney previously granted must be terminated. The circumstances regarding the revocation of such a document may depend on a variety of factors, not the least of which is the type of authority being revoked, however this document will serve as a valid instrument of revocation when issued correctly. This document will require the acknowledgement of a Notary Public. In many instances, having such a document notarized is mandatory. Thus, an area has been provided purely for this purpose. Once the process of completing, signing, and notarizing this paperwork has been completed, it must be presented to every interested party (i.e. the agent whose power is being revoked or a financial institution that recognizes such power). If possible, the Principal issuing this revocation should gather the documents being revoked.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Revocation Form

You must select the button labeled “Adobe PDF” in order to download the correct form. This will be a PDF file and may be filled out onscreen using a compatible editing program or browser

2 – Define the Type of Revocation

Initially, there will be three check boxes. This is meant to define the type of power being revoked. Check the applicable boxes:

  • Health Care Powers
  • Financial Powers
  • Other – Enter any other document that will be revoked

3 – Present Required Party Information

  Once, the type of power has been defined several other facts must be established. To begin, we must address the information required in the first paragraph:

  • Provide the name of the Principal in the first line
  • Report the title of the document to be revoked
  • Enter the date the document to be revoked was executed
  • Locate the space preceding “[name of agent] and supply the name of the Agent whose power is to be terminated
  • Enter the name of the Alternate Agent whose power must be terminated as well (if any)
  • Enter a date in which the Principal would like the revocation to become effective

4 – Verifying Signature

In order for revocation document to be taken seriously and honored, it must be Signed and Notarized. This must occur in the area immediately following the execution date previously reported. Locate the two lines below this statement:

  • The Principal must print his or her full name on the first line
  • The Principal must provide his or her signature on the “Signature of principal” line

5 – Notary Acknowledgement

As the document is completed, the Notary will witness the signature of the Principal preparing the revocation. The Notary will then complete the section containing their required information and provide affix the notary state seal.