Delaware Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Delaware Vehicle Power of Attorney Form supplies the correct and required language for a basic granting of authority from a Vehicle Owner to an Agent. Here, the Agent will assume the power of authority so he or she may act on the Principal’s behalf in dealing with such entities as the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles, Dealership, and/or Mechanics. It should be noted the Vehicle Owner still retains the Principal Power of Ownership. This form will only act as an enabling instrument when it comes to make decisions or take action regarding the vehicle in question. In fact, the Principal Vehicle Owner may revoke the power granted in this form at any time provided the revocation is in writing.  This document will require notarization.

How to Write

1 – Acquiring the Proper Form

This form is readily accessible through the “Adobe PDF” button found in the upper portion of this page

2 – Documenting the Parties Involved

Locate the line beginning with “To the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles…” This paragraph must state several facts to the DMV however, in addition to the required general language this form will need specific facts which must be named. Submit the required information in the following spaces:

  • Enter the name of the Principal on the blank space preceding the words “the undersigned…”
  • Fill in the Principal’s Address on the next line
  • Define the Principal’s City, County, and State using the next three blank spaces

Locate the word “appoint,” then:

  • Enter the Name of the Agent assuming power over the vehicle
  • Use the next four blank spaces to report the Agent’s Address, City, County and State

3 – Provide the Vehicle Specifics

Find the phrase “…described vehicle” then:

  • Report the Make of Vehicle on the blank space that immediately follows this phrase
  • The next blank space, labeled “Model and Year” must be supplied with the Vehicle’s information
  • Next report the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the last blank space of this statement

4 – Providing The Required Signature

The next statement will provide the remaining language necessary for this document to be effective. Each Owner providing authority must agree with this statement by way of Signature. This may be done in the following manner:

  • Locate the blank line, labeled “Date,” on the left then, enter the Date this document is being signed by the Owner (and C0-Owner)
  • The two signature lines on the right, “Signature of Owner” and “Signature of Co-Owner,” have been provided so that one or two Vehicle Owners may verify this document by Signature (if there is no C0-Owner, it may be left blank)
  • Once the owner(s) have completed this form, the notary will witness the signing of the document and will produce the required notary information along with the notary seal (if any)