Delaware General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Delaware General Financial Power of Attorney Form, provided on this page, allows a Principal to easily assign an Attorney-In-Fact the Authority to make decisions and carry out actions in certain areas of a Principal’s life. This form will require several pieces of information (i.e. Principal Identity, Authority Granted, Period of Effect, etc.) and will contain the required language that must be applied to such information. The basic terms in this power of attorney form will cover a broad area however, there will be an opportunity for the Principal to give specific definitions, limitations, or instructions regarding the power he or she is granting an Attorney-In-Fact. It should be noted this Power of Attorney form will not remain in effect should the Principal be incapacitated in any way, the Principal revoke the Power of Attorney it grants, or another Power of Attorney is issued by the Principal at a later date.

1 – Download The Form

Download the Delaware General Power of Attorney by selecting the link above and saving it to your computer.

2 – Locate Item V. Principal

In “V. Principal,” locate the blank line labeled “Name of Principal,” then report the Full Name of the individual who will grant another party the Authority to act in his or her Name.

On the blank line, labeled “Street Address of Principal,” document the Physical Street Address where the individual just reported (the Principal) resides. This should be the Building Number, Street Name, and Apartment Number of the Principal.

Then, on the blank lines following the phrases “City of” and “State of,” report the City and State where the Principal’s Street Address is located.

3 – Define the Attorney-In-Fact in Item VI

The next area requiring attention will be the blank space labeled “Name of Attorney-In-Fact” following the words “VI Attorney-In-Fact.” This will be the individual who has agreed to accept the responsibility of acting with Authority in the Principal’s Matters (as defined in this form).

Below this, in the space immediately after the phrase “residing at,” supply the Building Number, Street, and Suite Number of the Attorney-In-Fact’s Address. The City and State of this Address must be supplied on the next line in the spaces labeled “City of Attorney-in-Fact” and “State of Attorney-in-Fact” (respectively).

Finally enter the State where this Power of Attorney will be used and recognized on the last blank space in this section.

4 – The Successor Attorney-In-Fact Option

If the Attorney-In-Fact listed above is unable to carry out his or her responsibility for one reason or another, the Principal may need to have another Attorney-In-Fact step in quickly. This process can begin here in the section labeled “VII Successor Attorney-In-Fact (Optional)” by naming this individual. Enter the Name of the determined Successor Attorney-In-Fact on the first blank line in this section.

Then, as with the previous parties, report the Street Address of the Successor Attorney-In-Fact on the blank line labeled “Street Address of Attorney-In-Fact.” Following this continue the report on this individual’s Address by entering the City, then the State on the next two blank spaces.

Next, report the State where the Successor Attorney-In-Fact may exercise his or her Decision Making Powers on behalf of the Principal on the last blank space in this paragraph.

5 – Providing Signatures of Consent

The Printed Name of the Principal must be supplied on the first blank space following the phrase “XII. Principal’s Signature.”

Next report the Calendar Day the Principal is Signing this document on the blank space labeled “Day.” This should be followed by the Month and Year when the Principal Signs this document on the blank space labeled “Month.”

The Principal issuing the Authority defined in this document must supply his or her Signature on the blank line labeled “Signature of Principal”

The first blank space following the term “XIII. Attorney-In-Fact’s Signature” will require the Printed Name of the Attorney-In-Fact Signing this document.

The Attorney-In-Fact must Sign and Date his or her Name on the blank lines labeled “Signature of Attorney-In-Fact” and “Date.”

Finally, if the Principal has Named a Successor Principal-In-Fact,” then make sure the Printed Name of this entity is entered on the first blank space below the words “Successor Attorney-In-Fact’s Signature.” This should be followed by the Successor Attorney-In-Fact’s Signature and Signature Date on the second and third blank spaces (respectively).

The next page of this form is titled “Notary Acknowledgement.” It may only be filled out by a Notary. If Signing will occur in the presence of witnesses, then each Witness must Print and Sign his or her Name in the “Witness Attestation” section (the last page).