California Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The California revocation power of attorney form is a crucial tool in ending designation of Agents with regard to a powers document. The Principal must simply complete the form and provide signature before a notary. The document will become immediately available on the date that is entered into the document. Deliver the document to any or all Agent(s) to ensure that they are aware to stop any further actions with regard to the Principal’s real property care and/or transactions.

How to Write

Step 1 – Select Powers to be revoked –

  • Check any or all of the following boxes
  • Health Care
  • Financial
  • Other – Enter any of the other documents that may have been completed and require revocation
  • Enter the name of the Principal
  • Enter the title(s) of any of the documents set for revocation
  • Enter the most immediate date that the Agent(s) will no longer have access to the document(s)
  • Before a notary public, the Principal must enter:
  • The printed name of the Principal
  • The Principal’s Signature

Step 2 – Notary Acknowledgement –

When the document is completed and the Principal has signed before the notary, the notary will then enter all of the required information and shall apply the notary seal in acknowledgement. Copies are considered as good as originals. Make copies to provide to all relevant parties.