Free California Power of Attorney Forms | 9 Types

California Power of Attorney allows a principal would have the right to grant authority to their Attorney In Fact / Agent to act on behalf of the Principal with regard to their personal care, property, and with respect to all lawful or more express subjects or purposes. The needs are usually for medical and/or monetary purposes. However, there are also needs for assistance with vehicles, tax preparation, and representation, care of minor children, and other limited and springing needs.

LawsProbate Section 4120-4130

California Advance Directive Form | Medical POA & Living Will

The California advance directive is used to choose a health care surrogate to represent your medical decisions and to make decisions about life-sustaining treatment options. The directive is a combination of a Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will. Therefore, the entire form allows the principal to select someone that will have the authorization to make […]

California Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The California durable financial power of attorney form is a document that allows someone trusted by the principal to authorize the execution of all monetary decisions on his or her behalf. The Principal is required to complete the form and authorize all decisions before a public notary in order for the document to be considered legal […]

California General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The California general financial power of attorney form is a document that allows another person to act on your behalf on many levels. It’s very important that you understand the amount of power over your property prior to completing and signing this document. If you are at any time, uncertain about what you’re reading or signing, […]

California Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The California limited (special) power of attorney form allows the Principal to give limited and specific powers to the Agent in question, as opposed to a general power of attorney in which the Agent would have a much broader power over the affairs of the Principal. It should be noted that in order for the document […]

California Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The California minor child financial power of attorney form is s document that temporarily assigns parental, custody or guardian rights to someone trusted by the parent(s) using a power of attorney for Child(ren). With this document, another person will have legal authority for health, medical and other major decisions, with certain limitations, when the biological parent(s) is/are […]

California Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The California real estate only power of attorney form is a legal and binding document that is prepared by a Principal who holds title and ownership to real property. If the Principal is ill or will be in absentia for any reason, they may choose to delegate an Agent to oversee any real property sales, purchases, management, […]

California Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The California revocation power of attorney form is a crucial tool in ending designation of Agents with regard to a powers document. The Principal must simply complete the form and provide signature before a notary. The document will become immediately available on the date that is entered into the document. Deliver the document to any or all […]

California Tax Power of Attorney Form

The California tax power of attorney form is a declaration form ( FTB 3520) to grant authority to an individual to receive confidential tax information, or to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and/or California state tax department. You can also use this form to authorize an individual to receive information from our nontax programs, such […]

California Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The California vehicle power of attorney form is a document that allows an Attorney in Fact/Agent  to complete all necessary documents, as needed, to transfer ownership of a vehicle as required by California laws and regulations. This document has two sections that are identical and both of them need to be filled out in ink. The […]