Nevada Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Nevada revocation power of attorney form is a document that will provide an avenue for a Principal to submit written notice, stating the Principal’s desire to deliver written notice of revocation of any or all previously created powers document(s). Use of this document, once dated by the Principal, will release the Agent(s) from all of the responsibilities of the previously granted powers, on the date specified by the Principal within the document.

The signatures must be submitted before a licensed Notary,

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document – Submit the following information:

  • The name of the Principal
  • The Agent’s full name
  • Submit the date of implementation of the document

Step 2 – Signature –

  • Read the statement
  • Enter the date of execution of the revocation of the document in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Principal must enter their signature

Step 3 – Notarization –

When the Principal has completed the required information within the document as required by law and the Notary has witnessed the Principal’s signature, the Notary shall then complete the state required notary public information, properly acknowledging the document. The Principal should retain the executed document for their records.