Free Connecticut Power of Attorney Forms | 9 Types

Connecticut Power of Attorney, as described in Chapter 15C (Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act), does allow an individual known as the Principal to select another person, known as the Attorney In Fact or the Agent, to act on behalf of the Principal, in their best interest, for specified needs. These needs are generally for medical or monetary purposes but may also be for vehicle, temporary care for minor child(ren), or other types of limited or springing situations.

State Definition Section 1-350a – “Means a writing or other record that grants authority to an agent to act in the place of the principal, whether or not the term power of attorney is used.”

Connecticut Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut durable financial power of attorney form is a for that is a legal document the Principal would use, to allow another person to act for with regard to your finances. The Principal will create a legal relationship with an “attorney-in-fact” or agent.  A power of attorney specifies the powers the Principal would give to an […]

Connecticut General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut general financial power of attorney form is a legal document grants the Principal the right to transfer unlimited financial powers to their Attorney In Fact/ Agent, all unlimited financial powers which are financial decision making power legal under law. The Principal’s transfer of financial powers to the Attorney-in-Fact are granted upon authorization of this agreement unless […]

Connecticut Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut limited (special) power of attorney form is a binding document between two individuals, the Principal and the Attorney-in-Fact/Agent, which bestows certain powers upon the Attorney-in-Fact to perform specific tasks and duties on the Principal’s behalf. The special power of attorney granted to the Attorney-in-Fact will be relayed within the document and signed by the […]

Connecticut Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut medical power of attorney form is a legal instrument that allows a Principal to select, in advance, the person that they would like to make healthcare decisions for them if and when they become unable to make medical decisions for themselves. The person the principal chooses will be their representative for purposes of healthcare decision […]

Connecticut Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut minor child power of attorney form is a document which would be signed and notarized by a parent providing an Attorney In Fact or Agent, authority to make decisions for the Principal’s minor child(ren). The document is generally used by a parent or parents who will be unavailable for a period of time and wish […]

Connecticut Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut real estate only power of attorney form is a document that provides written permission for an Agent to a delegated Agent to assist in keeping or participating in the sale, management, mortgage refinancing of or any other business with regard to the Principal’s real estate or a portion thereof. An Agent could be necessary when […]

Connecticut Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut revocation power of attorney form is a document that is used by a Principal who has selected an Agent to oversee real property. This form will allow the Principal to end that relationship, by completing the document before a notary and then delivering it to the Agent and all others interested. This document will require […]

Connecticut Tax Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut tax power of attorney form is a document that authorizes one or more individuals to represent the Principal before the Department of Revenue Services. This authorization allows your representative(s) to receive and inspect confidential tax information and to act on your behalf with regard to tax matters before DRS. Be certain to review all tax […]

Connecticut Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Connecticut vehicle power of attorney form is a document  to authorize, according to Connecticut law, another person designated by you (the Principal) to make, to complete and to sign on your behalf, an application for a motor vehicle registration and certificate of title, or other written document, form or application that is required to be […]