New Jersey Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The New Jersey real estate ONLY power of attorney form is a document that provides powers by a Principal to an elected Agent who would be appointed to oversee the management, care, refinancing sale, purchase and any transaction  pertaining  to the Principal’s real property. Should the Principal be unsure of the workings of the document, they may wish to consult with an attorney for further instruction.

This document will require notarization before becoming effective. The document may also be revoked at any time the Principal feels the necessity, by delivering written notice to the Guardian(s)

How to Write

Step 1 – Parties –

  • Enter the name of the Principal
  • Prinicpal’s address
  • AND
  • Enter the name of the Agent
  • Agent’s place of residence

Step 2 – Grant of Authority-

The Principal must review the statements (A though F)

  • Takes Effect Regardless of Disability

Step 3 – Witness –

  • The Witness must provide signature in Witness of the document


  • On completion of the document and after signature(s) have been submitted, the Notary will complete an affix their seal to the document in acknowledgement