South Dakota Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The South Dakota minor child power of attorney form is a legal document that is provided by a parent who may have an emergency, may require and extended absence or may be ill, shall have the ability to provide temporary powers over the care and custody of her child(ren) to a temporary Guardian. The document addresses all aspects of exemplary temporary care for the child(ren). If there is more than one child, the parent must continue all of the additional children’s information on an added sheet. Be certain that the added sheet is also signed and dated before it’s attached to this document.

This document may be revoked at the discretion of the parent, in writing and by service or delivery to the temporary Guardian. This document will last no longer than one (1) year. This document must be signed in the service of a licensed, state Notary Public. No temporary attorney in fact, agent, or guardian will ever have the right to provide signature for a child to be married or adopted.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Parties – The parent must enter:

  • The full name of the Parent
  • The parent’s complete address
  • AND
  • The full name of the temporary guardian
  • The temporary guardian’s complete address
  • Check the box indicating if this is a biological child or a ward of the court
  • Enter the name of the child(ren)
  • Provide the child(ren’s) date(s) of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 2 – Signatures – To only be signed in the presence of a licensed Notary Public:

  • Enter the date of the execution of the document in dd/mm/yy fashion
  • Parent must provide their signature before the notary

Notarization –

  • As the document is completed by the Parent and signature is provided in the witness of the Notary, the Notary shall then complete the document, acknowledging the validity of the powers provided by the parent