Colorado Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Colorado minor child power of attorney form is a document to be used by a parent or parents, to choose a family member, relative or friend to supervise temporary guardianship decisions in relation to a minor child or children and all responsibilities pertaining to the child(ren). This document may remain in force not to exceed twelve (12) months. Should more supervisory time be required, a new document must be executed, just prior to the expiration period. (See Section 15-14-105 C.R.S.).

Step 1 – Delegation of Temporary Attorney in Fact/Agent – To delegate temporary authority to your Attorney in Fact, begin by downloading the form and providing the following:

  • On the first line, name your attorney in fact/agent
  • On the second line, provide their full physical address

Step 2 – Read the information and enter the name of the child(ren) into the line contained inside of the paragraph

  • Continue to review the remainder of the information
  • In the next blank line, enter the date of termination of the document (not to exceed 12 months)

Step 3 – Signatures – Prior to signing the form, all signing parties must be before a notary public to identify and witness the signatures of the parent(s). Once you’re before a notary, provide the following:

  • Date the parent(s) are signing the form
  • Father’s signature (if present)
  • Mother’s signature (if present)
  • Physical address of custodial parent(s)

Step 4 – Notarization – Once the notary has witness the signing of the document, the remainder of the document will be completed by the notary and their state seal shall be affixed to the document.

  • The notary shall then hand the document back to the principal(s)
  • Copies should be made for everyone’s records
  • An original must be provided to the Attorney in Fact/Agent/Caregiver to the minor(s)