Georgia Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Georgia minor child power of attorney form is a legal document that will provide powers to a designated biological Grandparent or Step-Grandparent to care for the minor child(ren) of a parent or parents while the parent(s) are absent due to travel, illness, death or hardship. The Agent Grandparent may exercise all of the same duties as the parents while in the care of the Agent Grandparent. The Agent Grandparent must always act in the best interest of the child(ren) while in their care. (See Georgia S.S. Title 19 – Article 4 and O.C.G.A. Section 19-9-128) This document may be revoked at any time by the courts in the event they feel that the care of the child(ren) may be inadequate or if the parent(s) is/are prepared to regain care of the child(ren).

How To Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the document and carefully reviewing page one.

Step 2 – After your review of the information on page one, parents must complete all of the required information in section 1 as follows:

  • Date of the creation of the document in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • In the first line of the document enter name and address of parent or parents
  • On the next line enter the name and address of grandparent to be named as agent) as attorney in fact (the agent grandparent)
  • In the third line in the paragraph in this section, enter the name of the child(ren) if more space is needed add a sheet and attach to this document

Step 3 – Section B – Read the statement and check the following box that will apply to your situation:

  • Biological grandparent
  • Step-grandparent
  • Biological great-grandparent
  • Step-great-grandparent

Step 4 – Section B-(2) – Read statements A through C. In statement D, if you would like to make additions to the statements, enter them into the lines provided on the form.

  • If more room is required, add a sheet to be attached to the form

Step 4 – Section 3 – If you would like to impose limitations to the grandparent agent, you may enter them into the lines provided on the form.

  • Add a sheet if more room is needed

Step 5 – Section 4 – Read the statement on the form and initial all that apply in selections A through E as follows:

  • (A) The death, serious illness, or terminal illness of a parent
  • (B) The physical or mental condition of the parent or the child such that proper and supervision of the child cannot be provided by the parent
  • (C) The loss or uninhabitability of the child’s home as the result of a natural disaster
  • (D) The incarceration of a parent
  • (E) A period of active military duty of a parent

Step 6 – Section 5 – (Optional) – Read the statement – If a guardian is needed at any time and you would like to nominate your preference, enter their name in the line provided

  • Read statements 6 through 10. If you’re in agreement:
  • In the presence of a notary public, parent(s) must provide signatures and printed names on the lines provided
  • The notary will complete this portion of the form and affix the state seal
  • Make copies of the document for your records and provide the original to the Grandparent Agent

Step 7 – Additional Information – This information should be provided to the Grandparent who will, in fact, be temporarily caring for the minor child(ren) –

  • This document may be revoked at any time by either party in writing to the other.