Maryland Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Maryland Minor Child Power of Attorney Form delivers the required language for a current Parent to approve the investment of Parental Authority in a Guardian. In its broadest form this document will attempt to cover as many responsibilities/actions the well being of a child requires. However, it is worth noting, the Parent retains the option of choosing to limit or define certain Authority at his or her discretion through this form as well. Typically, this document’s purpose is to provide a certain relief or security that a Parent’s child will be taken care of in the event of that parent’s absence until the Parent revokes it or it terminates naturally.

This document will require signatures of two (2) witnesses and a Notary Public before it will be in effect.

How to Write

1 – Download the Maryland Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

This document is available by selecting the button at the top of this page then saving the file to a readily accessible folder on your machine.

2 – Identify the Parent, Child, and Guardian

The introductory paragraph will call for several pieces of information to be provided in the available spaces:

  • The full Name of each Parent must be provided on the first blank line of this paragraph.
  • The full Name of each child this document will effect must be entered on the second blank line of this document. If there is not enough room, continue the list on an attachment and cite the attachment title here.
  • The full Name of the Guardian is required on the third blank line of this paragraph and the first blank line in the next paragraph
  • Enter the full Name of the Successor Guardian on the blank line preceding the words “to serve as my child’s…” The Successor Guardian is the individual who will assume authority if the original Guardian cannot be found or successfully satisfy his or her responsibility

3 –  Defining the Authority Being Granted

The next several paragraphs will define what the Guardian will be able to do by virtue of its execution. Review the Titled Sections:

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Health Care

4- Provisions to Authority

The top of the next page will contain several blank lines below the words “Statement Of Additional Desires, Special Provisions And Limitations.” Use these blank lines to further define any terms, conditions, restrictions, etc. that should effect this document.

5 – Document a Permanent Guardian

This form, for all due purposes, is a temporary Guardianship that will remain valid at the discretion of the issuing Parents. In the event the Parent is incapacitated or dies, the question of the minor’s Guardian will need to be addressed:

  • Locate the paragraph beginning with the words “It is my intent…” then, enter the Name of the Guardian who will ultimately take Legal Guardianship of the child in the event the parent is rendered permanently incapable or passes away on the first blank line.
  • On the second blank line, name the individual who will take Legal Guardianship of the child (in the case of the parent’s death/incapacitation) should the first choice be unable to.

6 – Principal and Witness Signatures

The Principal and at least two witnesses must sign this document:

  • The Parent must sign his or her name on the first line of the signature area on the right
  • Below this signature, the Parent must print his or her name
  • The Parent should enter the Date of Signing on the last blank line

The area on the left below the word “Witness” will require attention:

  • The Witness must sign the first line
  • The printed Name of the Witness must appear below the Signature
  • Date of each signature must be supplied in mm/dd/yyyy format below the Witness’ printed Name

7 – Notarization

As soon as the Notary Public has witnessed all signatures on the form, the notary shall then complete all required notary information and affix an official seal (if any) in acknowledgement of the validity of the document

8 – Guardian Acknowledgment And Consent

The last page will need to have clear knowledge and consent of the assignment of Guardian Authority by the Guardian accepting such authority and responsibility. Locate the title “Acceptance of Designation As Guardian For Minor Child,” then fill in the required areas accordingly:

  • Enter the name of the Guardian on the first blank space
  • Name(s) of the child(ren) must be supplied on the blank space following the words “…person and property of”
  • Report the Name of each Parent granting Authority on the third blank line in this paragraph
  • Report the Name of the each minor on the fourth blank line
  • Record the Name of the Parent on the fifth blank line
  • In the bold area, report the Name of each parent on the blank line after the words “…the death of,” then again on the blank line preceding the term “…becomes incapacitated
  • Record the Name of the minor on the last two lines in this paragraph

The Guardian accepting this authority must locate the three blank lines on the right:

  • The Guardian must sign his or her name on the first line
  • The printed name of the Guardian must be presented below his or her signature
  • The Signature Date must be reported on the third line by the Guardian

Below the word “Witness,” on the left, each witness must:

  • Sign the first blank line
  • Printed  his or her name below the signature
  • Enter the Date of Signature