Maryland Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Maryland Vehicle Power of Attorney Form was designed for the specific purpose of verifying that a Principal Vehicle Owner approves of an Agent or Attorney-in-Fact’s Authority in the handling of the Principal’s Vehicle. This type of power enables an Agent to make decisions or submit paperwork concerning the vehicle in question. In its broadest spectrum, this form grants an Agent the authority to sell, buy, acquire inspection, registration, and sign documentation for transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle on behalf of the Principal.

This document may be revoked by the Principal at any time of their choosing. They must simply provide written notice and have it delivered to the Agent, or assign a new Agent with a new document.

How to Write

1 – Save This Form

Locate the button labeled “PDF.” Click this button to download the Maryland Vehicle Power of Attorney. You may use either a PDF program or a form friendly browser to enter information on-screen. Also, in the absence of such software, you may print this form then fill it out.

2 – Identify the Principal Vehicle Owners

In the section titled “Vehicle Owners,” there will be enough room to report up to two Vehicle Owners. At least one of these columns must be filled with the requested information:

  • The Vehicle Owner’s Name must reported in the first row. There will be three areas to fill-in the Name appropriately on this line: First, Middle, Last
  • The second row will require the Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number of the current Vehicle Owner’s Street Address to be reported
  • The third row will be divided into three areas so the current Vehicle Owner’s City, State, and Zip Code may be reported accordingly

If there is a Co-Owner of the Vehicle, then fill in this individual’s information in the second column, as requested:

  • The Co-Owner’s Name (First, Middle, Last) must be reported in the first row of the second column
  • The second row, “Co-Owner’s Street Address,” will require the Co-Owner of the Vehicle’s the current Building Number, Street, and Unit Number where he or she resides
  • The third row of the Co-Owner’s column must have the City, State, and Zip Code recorded in the appropriate areas

3 – Document Who The Power Of Attorney Is Granted To

This form will also need to solidify the identity of the individual who will assume the Principal’s Authority over the vehicle. This may be done by entering the necessary information in the “Power of Attorney Granted To” section:

  • Report the full name of the individual who will be the Attorney-in-Fact by entering his or her First, Middle, and Last Name in the first row.
  • Enter the Attorney-in-Fact’s Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number in the row titled “Street Address”
  • In the last row of this section, report the Attorney-in-Fact’s City, State, and Zip Code

4 – Provide Vehicle Information

Next, the vehicle in question will need to be defined. The “Vehicle Information” section presents a table where the required information may be supplied in an organized fashion:

  • In the first box, report the Make of the vehicle
  • Report the Body Type of the vehicle in the second box
  • Enter the Model Year in the third box
  • The fourth box must have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) entered
  • Record the Title Number of the vehicle in the fifth box

5 – Owner Signature(s)

Once all the information has been reported and verified as accurate, the Principal Vehicle Owner(s) should read the Verification Paragraph at the end of this form. To verify the consent of the Owner’s regarding granting Principal Authority to the Attorney-in-Fact, the following must be supplied:

  • The Owner must sign his or her name in the box titled “Owner’s Signature”
  • The Owner must also enter the Date he or she signed this document in the box title “Date”
  • If there is a Co-Owner, he or she must provide a signature in the box titled “Co-Owner’s Signature”
  • If there is a Co-Owner, he or she must enter the Date this document was signed in the box titled “Date”