Missouri Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Missouri durable financial power of attorney form is a document that is completed by a Principal for the purpose of providing all financial powers to a trusted Agent so that they may be overseen properly in the absence or illness of the Principal. Unless otherwise stated in writing, this document will transfer all financial access to the Agent, on every level. This document will not allow the Agent to work with any property, personal property or make any health care decisions. Also be advised that if the Principal does not agree with any sentence in the document, they may strike through and initial the statements they choose not to allow. Therefore, before completing this document, the Principal must carefully review this entire document prior to completion and signature.

If any part of the document is unclear, the Principal must consider taking the time to arrange a consultation with an attorney so that they may be extremely aware of the document’s contents.

This document will require notarization. The document may also be revoked at the discretion of the Principal at any time.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Parties – Enter:

  • The Principal’s full name
  • The Principal’s complete address (including zip code)
  • AND
  • Enter the name of the appointed Agent
  • Agent’s Address
  • If the Principal wished to add the information regarding Alternate?Successor Agent’s in the event the initial Agent is no longer able to serve for any reason, enter the same Agent information on a separate sheet and attach this document

Step 2 – The Principal must read and review sections A through P before proceeding with signatures. Again, if any of this document is confusing to the Principal and it cannot be clarified in any other way, consult with an attorney prior to signing and provide a copy of the signed document to the attorney in the event the attorney may need to appear on behalf of the Principal.

Step 3 – Notarize –

The Principal must provide signature before a notary public. When the Principal, before the notary, signs the document, the notary shall then provide all information providing acknowledgement of the document on behalf of the Principal