Missouri Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Missouri vehicle power of attorney form is a document that is prepared by a Principal to grant powers to a trusted Agent, so that the Agent will have the ability to do transactions in the Principal’s stead due to absence or illness. The form will provide all of the information needed to prove that permission has been granted by the Principal and that the Agent may do transactions, on their behalf, legally.

This document must be signed by the parties before a Notary Public before it may be effective. This document may be revoked by the Principal at any time. This document will be in effect until the act is completed.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document – The Principal must enter:

  • The name of the selected Agent
  • If insurance company involving total loss, complete the following boxes:
  • Name of the Insurance Company
  • Date of Total Loss in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 2 – Purpose – Check one or all of the boxes to indicate the powers that shall be granted:

  • Transferring ownership
  • Making application for title
  • Making application for registration

Step 3 – Vehicle Information – Enter:

  • Year (in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  • Make
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Step 4 – Signatures- Enter all Owner’s Information into the fields provided, as follows:

  • Owner’s Printed Name
  • Owner’s Signature
  • Date in mm/dd/yyyy format

(Owner(s) electronic signature is permissible only when assigning power of attorney to an insurance company due to total loss. Notarization is not required if signing electronically.)

Step 5 – Notarization –

Once the Notary has witnessed the required signatures, the Notary will acknowledge the document by completion of the remaining portion of the form and as they affix the official state notary stamp.