Rhode Island General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Rhode Island General Financial Power of Attorney Form allows an Agent to enact financial decisions with Principal authority so long as it has been signed and authorized by the Principal.  All Principal powers exercised by the Agent must be in accordance with the specific instructions outlined in this form. The Agent will be expected to act on behalf of the Principal, just as if he or she were present to make their own decisions. Additionally, this document will provide the Principal the opportunity to elect a Successor (Alternate) Agent, in the event the initial Agent is unable to any longer perform the requirements and/or wishes of the Principal. Thus, increasing the chances the Principal’s financial affairs will not fall into disarray in the event of a prolonged absence. It should be mentioned, this document shall not remain in effect if the Principal becomes incapacitated or disabled to the point they are no longer able to communicate their own wishes. This document may be revoked by the Principal, at will, with provision of written notice and delivery or service to the Agent; or assignment of a new Agent and a new powers document which would then immediately revoke this document.

This form must be Notarized with all signature parties present before a licensed Notary Public.

How to Write

1 – Obtain the Appropriate Form

You may obtain a blank copy of the Rhode Island General Financial Power of Attorney form by selecting the link below the image. If you have a form friendly browser or PDF editor, you may work on this file onscreen. Otherwise, you may print it to fill it out manually.

2 –  Become Familiar with this Form

The Principal must carefully review the following sections:

  • Notice
  • Incapacitation
  • Revocation
  • Witness and Notary
  • Addtionally located in the lower portion of the document:
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Third Parties
  • Compensation
  • Disclosure

3 – Supply Information About The Principal And Agent

In the paragraph labeled “V. Principal:”

  • Enter Principal’s name on the first blank space
  • Enter the Principal’s Street Address on the second blank space
  • Report the Principal’s City and State across the next two blank spaces.

In the paragraph labeled “VI. Attorney-in-Fact

  • On the first blank space, report the Agent’s name
  • On the second blank space, report the Agent’s Address
  • Use the third and fourth blank spaces to report the City and State of the Agent

If the Principal would like to name a Successor Agent, this may be done by filling in this person’s information in “VII. Successor Attorney-in-Fact (Optional).”

  • The name of a Successor Agent must be supplied on the first blank line.on
  • The Successor’s Street Address must be supplied on the second blank line.
  • The Successor’s City and State must be reported on the next two blank lines

4 – Sign and Notarize This Form

Once this form has been completed to the satisfaction of the Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, and all other relevant parties, it will need to be Signed and Notarized. There will be designated areas for these actions to occur.

In the paragraph labeled “XII. Principal’s Signature:”

  • The Principal’s name must appear printed on the first blank space.
  • The Signature Date must be reported with the Calendar Date entered on the second blank space and the Month/Year on the third blank space

In the paragraph labeled “XIII. Attorney-in-Fact’s Signature:”

  • Supply the Agent’s Printed Name on the first blank space
  • The Agent must Sign the blank line labeled “Signature of Attorney-in-Fact.”
  • Date of the signature (in mm/dd/yyyy format) must be documented on the “Date” line.

On the next page, under the heading “Successor Attorney-in-Fact’s Signature (Optional)” should only be reported if the Principal has named this person earlier. If so then, this section shall also require information:

  • Successor Agent’s Printed Name should be provided on the first blank space
  • Successor’s Signature must be supplied on the blank space labled “Signature of Successor Attorney-in-Fact”
  • Date of the Successor’s signature (in mm/dd/yyyy format) should be documented on the “Date” line.

5– Notarization 

Once the Notary has witnessed all of the required signatures, they must then enter all of the state required notarization information, to acknowledge the document. Follow any instructions the Notary Public has for the page titled “Notary Acknowledgment (Must Be Completed By A Notary).”

6 – Witness Testimony

Witnesses must read the Witness Attestation and enter the following:

  • Print the names of the Witnesses in the blank areas at the top of the paragraph (one Witness name per space).
  • Each Witness must provide their Signature, at the time of Principal/Agent Signing, on their respective blank lines below the paragraph.