Rhode Island Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Rhode Island Vehicle Power of Attorney Form presents the standard language required to grant an Agent or Attorney-in-Fact the right to assume authority over a vehicle on behalf of the vehicle owner (Principal). This document shall define such authority as that regarding registration, licensing, ownership (transfer), and/or titling. The Principal granting such powers will need to define his or her identity as well as provide the specs for the concerned vehicle. In order for this document to be considered valid, it must be signed by the individual granting such power. This signature must be signed before a licensed state Notary Public. This document may be revoked at any time, in writing.

How to Write

1 – Download the Rhode Island Vehicle Power of Attorney

This form is available as a PDF or Word form through the buttons at the top of this page. Make sure you have the appropriate program to open and edit the file type you download.

2 – Principal Declaration

This form will first require the full names and mailing addresses of both the Principal granting authority over the vehicle and the Agent assuming authority over the vehicle. Use the blank spaces in this paragraph to supply this information:

  • The name of the Company or Individual granting power of the vehicle should be entered on the first blank space of this form
  • The mailing address of the Principal (just listed) must be entered on the blank space preceding the word “(Principal)”
  • Next, after the words “…grants to,” enter the full name of the Agent (or Attorney-in-Fact) on the blank space provided
  • The mailing address of the individual receiving authority must be provided on the space preceding the word “(Agent)”

The jurisdiction of the motor vehicle agency must also be defined:

  • On the blank space following the word “…State of,” report the State where the motor vehicle is registered and where this document will be utilized by the Agent

3 – Identity the Vehicle

Below the paragraph will be a simple one row table. The specs of the vehicle should be entered in the appropriately labeled boxes:

  • Report the Year of the Vehicle in the first box
  • Report the Make of the Vehicle in the second box
  • Report the Model of the Vehicle in the third box
  • Report the Style of the Vehicle in the fourth box
  • Report the Vehicle Identification Number of the Vehicle in the box labeled “Vin Number”
  • Report the Vehicle’s Odometer reading in the last box

4 – Identify the Agent

If the individual who is assuming authority over the vehicle (in areas defined on this form), then his or her information must be documented in the appropriately labeled spaces below the statement starting with “If this Power of…”

  • On the first blank space, enter the Individual’s date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • On the next blank space, document this Individual’s Social Security Number

If the party assuming authority over the vehicle is an entity, then leave the above section blank and define the entity:

  • On the blank line labeled “Federal ID/EIN Number,” report the Federal ID or Federal Employer Identification Number associated with such an entity (in the record books)

5 – Principal Intent

As mentioned earlier, this document should be signed by the Principal granting authority:

  • Locate the blank space following the words “Principal’s Signature”
  • On the space following the word “Date,” the Principal must provide the Date he or she has signed this form

Step 3 – Notarization –

Once the Notary records the identification information for each Signature  Party and has witnessed all signatures, the Notary shall then complete the document with the required acknowledgement information and the official seal

Rhode Island Vehicle Power of Attorney Form