Rhode Island Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The Rhode Island Real Estate Only Power of Attorney Form is a document that would be prepared by a Principal to authorize an Agent the powers needed to act on behalf of the Principal with regard to the sale, purchase, refinancing, management and to perform transactions or any other specified act stated by the Principal. The document will provide permission from the Principal to the Agent to engage in the same actions the Principal would do as if they are able to be available and conduct their own business. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the Principal, the Agent will have full powers over the Principal’s real property.

This document will not allow the Agent to have any powers over the Principal’s financial accounts, personal property nor will the Agent be provided powers with this document to direct any form of the Principal’s health care.

This document must be witnessed and acknowledged by a licensed state Notary. The Principal must also be very aware that they will have the right to revoke, in writing and by service or delivery to the Agent(s).

How to Write

1 – Download the Rhode Island Real Estate Power of Attorney

This form is accessible using the top button on this page. It may be downloaded then opened with a form friendly browser or PDF editing program for onscreen entry.

2 – Introduction Statement

The initial paragraph on this page will seek some information to define the Principal and Attorney-In-Fact:

  • On the first line preceding “Full Name,” present the printed name of the Principal
  • The second space will need the Building Number, Street, and Suite Number of Principal’s address documented
  • Record the City and State of the Principal’s address by supplying them across the next two spaces
  • Supply the Attorney-in-Fact’s name, in print in the empty line following the term “…hereby appoint”
  • The Street Address of the Agent should present the current Building Number, Street, and applicable Unit Number of the Agent’s Address
  • The Agent’s City and State must be reported on the two blank spaces following the words “City of” and “State of”
  • City and State of Agent’s residence

2 – Assignment of Authority

Article 1 will provide a list of Real Estate matters. This list will define what the Agent being named in this document may do with Principal Authority in these matters. The Principal must approve of each statement that will apply to such authority by supplying four items in each one that applies: his or her initials, a mark in the check box, the legal address of the premises, and the legal description of the premises. Review the statements concerning the following topics then, select the ones describing powers to be granted to the Agent:

  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Purchase of Real Estate
  • Management of Real Estate
  • Refinancing

3 – Defining the Effective Period Of The Document

The Principal will need to establish the Term of the document in Article III, labeled “Term,” by checking and initialing the applicable statement:

  • If this document is to be effective immediately upon execution until a specific Date (unless interrupted by the Principal), the Principal must initial the blank space in statement “a,” mark the check box, and enter the Date of Termination using the available spaces
  • Supply the Principal’s Initials and check the box in Statement “b” if this document is to be non-durable. That is,  immediately effective upon signing and expires only if the Principal revokes the document, becomes incapacitated, or passes away.
  • Initial Statement “c” and check the box if the authority of this document is to be durable. That is, available immediately and terminating only if the document is revoked or until the death of the Principal.

4 – Revocation and Signatures

Article VI, titled “Revocation,” will set this document active, revoking any previously issued conflicting documents, using several signature areas which must be satisfied in the presence of a notary public.

  • Provide the date this document goes into effect across the three blank spaces following the term “…instrument this”
  • The Principal must Sign and Print his or her name on the line starting with the words “Principal’s Signature”
  • The Agent must sign the “Agent’s Signature” line and print his or her name on the adjacent space

5 – Witness Affirmations

There will be two paragraphs: Affirmation by Witness 1 and Affirmation by Witness 2. Each will need to be satisfied by Witness 1 and Witness 2 (respectively) with the following items:

  • The Witness’ name printed on the space preceding the words “witnessed the execution…”
  • The Witness’ Signature on the Signature line and the Witness’ name in print on the space labeled “Print Name”

6 – Notarization

As the Notary Public has witnessed the signatures, the notary will complete the remainder of the document in acknowledgement, and by affixing the official seal

7 – Acceptance by Agent

The Agent must read the acceptance at the end of this document then:

  • Sign the Agent Signature line
  • Print his or her full name on the next available space