Washington Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Washington vehicle power of attorney form is a legal document that would allow an Agent to act on behalf of a Principal with regard to the sale, transfer of ownership and all related transaction details. The document would become immediately available and shall terminate once the act is completed by the Agent. Signatures must be witnessed. The form may be revoked by the Principal at their own discretion.

How to Write

Step 1 – Vehicle/Vessel Information – Submit the following:

  • Vehicle license plate
  • OR
  • Vessel registration number
  • AND
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • OR
  • Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • AND
  • Year
  • Make
  • Series/Body type
  • Title number

Step 2 – Lienholder’s Release of Interest – Submit:

  • Type or Print  lienholder, business or company name
  • Title for business or company
  • Signature(s) of Agent(s) authorized to release interest

Step 3 – Registered Owner’s Release of Interest – Enter the following:

  • Type or Print registered owner’s name(s)
  • Submit Signature(s)
  • Notarization will be completed by a notary public

Step 4 – Appointment of Agent – Provide the following:

  • Agent’s name
  • Type or Print Grantor(s) name(s)
  • Driver’s license number or ID card number(s)
  • Signature(s) of Grantor(s)
  • Once completed, a notary shall complete the remainder of the document in acknowledgement

Step 5 – Mail Hard Copy to:

  • Title and Registration Services
  • Department of Licensing
  • Olympia, Washington
  • To whom it may concern