Hawaii General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Hawaii general financial power of attorney form is a document that allows a Principal to grant all or specific powers to an Agent they would elect to take care of their business in the event of illness or are in absentia for an amount of time. The Principal should be cautious about whom they choose to carry out the duties as stated. This document must be notarized after completion. The Principal may revoke this document at any time by placing the notice in writing and delivering it to the Agent(s).

How to Write

Step 1 – The Parties  –

  • Enter the Principal’s name
  • Principal’s Street Address
  • State
  • AND
  • Enter the name of the designated Agent
  • Agent’s Street Address
  • State

Step 2 – The Principal must carefully select and initial from the following on the form:

  • Power to Make Payments or Collect Monies Owed
  • Power to Acquire, Lease and Sell Personal Property
  • Power to Acquire, Lease and Sell Real Property
  • Management Powers
  • Banking Powers
  • Tax Powers
  • Safe-Deposit Boxes
  • Gift Making Powers
  • Lending and Borrowing
  • Contracts
  • Power to Hire and Pay for Services
  • Reimbursement of Attorney-in-Fact
  • Power to Sue Third Parties Who Fail to Act Pursuant to Power of Attorney
  • Other ( any unstated additional powers)

Step 3 – Titled Sections –

  • Interpretation and Governing Law
  • Effective Date and Termination (Enter an effective date when the Principal would prefer that the document is effective
  • AND
  • Enter a date of revocation ( if revoking the document, enter a revocation date in the future, then initial all three lines in this section
  • Third Party Reliance

Step 4 – Signatures – Before a Notary, provide the following:

  • Date the signature section in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Enter the Principal’s Signature
  • Enter the Principal’s Printed Name

Step 5 – Acceptance of Appointment – The Agent must sign in acceptance (before a notary) of the duties assigned, as follows:

  • Agent’s Signature
  • Agent’s Printed Name

Step 6 – Signatures of Witnesses (OPTIONAL) – Before a notary, each witness (if any) must provide the following:

  • Read the affirmation paragraph
  • Each Witness enter their signature (respectively)
  • Each Witness enter their address

As the notary has witnessed the signatures of all parties, they shall then complete all of the required notary information along with an official seal