Free Illinois Power of Attorney Forms in Fillable PDF | 9 Types

According to the Illinois Power of Attorney Act 755 ILCS 45/, the selected document shall permit a Principal to delegate authority to an Agent and to clarify the power(s) that the Principal would be willing to grant the selected individual. The Agent would be authorized to perform specific acts depending upon the statement of the document selected. The powers could be provided to authorize an Agent or Agents to make financial and banking decisions, sales and/or management of  real property, personal property decisions, make health care decisions among other possible documents. The Principal must have the ability to rely upon the parties to whom they entrust any powers to.

State Definition – 755 ILCS 45/2-1 “The General Assembly recognizes that each individual has the right to appoint an agent to make property, financial, personal, and health care decisions for the individual but that this right cannot be fully effective unless the principal may empower the agent to act throughout the principal’s lifetime, including during periods of disability, and have confidence that third parties will honor the agent’s authority at all times.”

Illinois Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois durable financial power of attorney form is a document that is designed to allow a Principal to grant powers to an Agent/Attorney In Fact, to handle their financial affairs. This document could have serious financial implications if, in fact, the Agent doesn’t have the Principal’s best interest in mind. The Principal must read the document. […]

Illinois General Financial Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois general financial power of attorney form is a legal and binding document that permits the Principal to grant unlimited financial powers to an Attorney In Fact/Agent of their choice. With this comes permission for the Agent to handle all financial decisions on behalf of the Principal. This being the case, it’s also clearly stated […]

Illinois Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois limited (special) power of attorney form acts as a written delegation of power, providing an Agent with the ability to perform specific tasks on behalf of an individual (the Principal). This particular form contrasts a general power of attorney form in that it places a scope on the authority granted to the Agent in question, […]

Illinois Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois medical power of attorney form is a legal instrument in which a Principal will name an Agent to oversee their health care decisions with their medical team, to include any end of life decisions. The Principal will not make the document effective until they sign the document. The Principal should read the document carefully prior […]

Illinois Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois minor child power of attorney form is a document that allows the biological parent(s) of a minor child to allow another person or persons to provide temporary guardianship over their child(ren) until the parent(s) may return the child(ren) back into their care. This document may be revoked by the parent(s) at any time by providing […]

Illinois Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois real estate ONLY power of attorney form is a legal document that would permit a Principal to transfer powers to another person or business, to execute document any documents that would be necessary to facilitate the sale, refinancing, financing, settlement of a Principal’s property. All transactions will take place by the named Agent, however, it will […]

Illinois Revocation Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois revocation power of attorney form is a legally recognized document that allows a Principal who has previously completed a power of attorney document and would like to revoke the powers to the Agent(s). The Principal may complete the document and have copies delivered to the Agent(s) and all other interested parties to  reclaim their powers […]

Illinois Tax Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois tax power of attorney form is a document that provides the Principal an avenue in which they may provide permission for a delegated Agent that will allow the Agent all of the powers needed to complete tax documents. In order to accomplish completion of tax forms, the Agent must also claim the right to […]

Illinois Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Illinois vehicle power of attorney form is a document that is provided to an Agent by a Principal (owner) to grant powers that would allow the Agent to act on behalf of the Principal during the transactions involving motor a motor vehicle. The Principal may allow powers so that an Agent may sign all papers […]