Maine Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Maine vehicle power of attorney form is a legal and binding document that a Principal will provide to an Agent so that they may perform acts with regard to the sale, purchase, registration, licensing, basic transfer or ownership, acquiring safety inspections or anything pertaining to motor vehicles that belong to the Principal who is granting these powers only. This document is effective immediately and shall not be terminated indefinitely or until the Principal  revokes the powers to the Agent, in writing by revocation. Until such time, the powers will also include application of the Principal’s name or signature, on behalf of the Principal with regard to any and all related paperwork.

This document must be signed before a Notary Public to become effective. The Principal may be revoked at the discretion of the Principal by providing written notice to the Agent(s) listed.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document – The Principal must provide:

  • The name of the Principal
  • AND
  • The name of the Agent who shall receive powers’
  • AND
  • Before a Notary Public, the Principal must provide their signature

Step 2 – Agent’s Information – Should the Agent be an individual, enter:

  • The Agent’s Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • The Agent’d Social Security Number
  • AND
  • If the Powers are being granted to a Company, provide the federal ID number
  • AND
  • Notary Acknowledgement –

As the notary witnesses the completion and signing of the document, they shall then complete the required Notary Public information that would prove the validity of the document.

  • The Agent will be responsible to ensure an accurate safety inspection. Take the inspection sheet to an inspection station and have the mechanic complete the form as the stated items are inspected