North Carolina Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The North Carolina real estate only power of attorney form is a packet of documents that will allow the Principal to assign powers to an Agent who would act on behalf of the Principal to oversee, manage, rent, refinance, sell, purchase and even do transactions with the ability to sign legal documents in the stead of the Principal during a prolonged illness or in their absence.

Because this packet is very lengthy, the Principal must read it carefully before completion. Each individual document will require notarization. If the Principal finds that any of the documents are unclear, they should contact an attorney who may explain, in layman’s terms, the meaning of each document.

This packet of documents may be revoked, in writing by the Principal at their discretion.

How to Write

Step 1 – Document 1 – Alive and Well Certification – The Principal must complete this page to state that they were alive an competent to complete the document and sell any property – Enter the following:

  • In the top left corner, enter the name of the county in which the Principal resides
  • Provide a legal description of the selling property in the space provided.
  • Provide the name of the Agent
  • Date/recording/in what book/on what page of the book/the name of the county registry in which the property is contained
  • Enter the date of the closing of the sale of the property in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Enter the signatures of the each sell to be sealed and the remainder of the document will be completed by a Notary

Step 2 – Affidavit of Attorney In Fact/Agent –

This document shall certify that the true Agent is the one stated by the Principal – Enter:

  • Enter the name of the Principal
  • Enter the date of execution of the document
  • Read section 2 and 3 (a through d)
  • In reading section 4 – enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Print or Type the name of the Principal
  • Print or Type the name of the Agent
  • AND

Notarization –

The Notary Public shall witness the signature and complete the remainder of the document

Step 3 – Limited Power of Attorney to Sell Real Estate –

  • Mail/Box to: Enter the appropriate information