Utah Real Estate ONLY Power of Attorney Form

The Utah real estate only power of attorney form is a document that is prepared by a Principal who shall have a need to authorize an Agent powers so that they may act on behalf of the Principal. These powers would allow the Agent to act with regard to any business pertaining to the sale, purchase, refinancing, management of the Principal’s property in their absence. The Agent would also be granted powers to perform any related transactions or otherwise specified acts as stated by the Principal.

The Principal should read through the document before completion. If any portion of the document is unclear, the Principal may consult with an attorney to ensure a clearer understanding of the contents of the form.

This document will require that any signatories be present before a licensed notary public. The Principal may revoke this document at any time. Revocation must be in writing and must be delivered or served to the Agent(s) inasmuch as the revocation will not be effective until it’s been received by the Agent.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Parties – Complete the following fields:

  • Principal’s name
  • Principal’s address
  • City
  • State
  • AND
  • Agent’s name
  • Agent’s address
  • City
  • State

Step 2 – Assignment of Authority – The Principal must initial the lines preceding their selected powers. The Principal may indicate any or all of the powers:

  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Purchase of Real Estate
  • Management of Real Estate
  • Refinancing

Step 3 – Article III Term – Establish the Term of the document. Select one of the following options as provided on the document:

  • A commencement and termination date
  • The non-durable option will be available as of the date of the document and would terminate only in the event the document has been revoked, the Principal becomes incapacitated or the Principal dies
  • The durable option would become available immediately. Termination will occur only if the document is revoked or by the death of the Principal

Step 4 – Article VI. Revocation and Signatures – must sign before a notary public – Submit the following:

  • Submit a date of revocation of this document in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Principal’s signature
  • Principal’s printed name
  • AND
  • Agent’s Signature
  • Agent’s printed name

Step 5 – Affirmation by Witnesses – Read the affirmations. If in agreement:

  • Enter printed name(s) of the witnesses in each affirmation paragraph
  • Each witness must enter their signatures
  • Printed name

Step 6 – Notarization –

Once the Notary Public has witnessed the signatures, the notary will complete the remainder of the document in acknowledgement, also affixing the Notary’s seal

Step 7 – Acceptance by Agent – The Agent must read the acceptance. If in agreement:

  • Submit the Agent’s Signature
  • Print Agent’s Name