Arkansas Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Arkansas minor child power of attorney form is a document that may be used to authorize another person to obtain medical treatment for a child, signing a child up for an activity, or for other significant decisions. The parent may also limit the purpose of the power of attorney to something very specific. Any parent granting the power of attorney, may withdraw or revoke the power any time, even before the expiration date of the power of attorney. The withdrawal should be in writing. Any parent withdrawing the power must be certain to fill out a revocation form and deliver it to the person who had been granted the power of attorney. The withdrawal is effective immediately upon delivery.

Step 1 – Power of Attorney for Minor Packet – Begin by downloading the packet and form provided. Carefully read all of the following sections so that you understand what the power of attorney means to you, your attorney in fact and the minor child. Read sections:

  • The introduction paragraphs
  • Caution
  • Glossary
  • Law You Should Know
  • Questions regarding parental rights
  • When does the power of attorney end?
  • How do I revoke a power of attorney?

Step 2 – Instructions for Using This Form Packet – Carefully read paragraphs 1-3 pf the packet so that you will understand how to complete and use the form power of attorney

  • Also read the disclaimer included

Step 3 – The power of attorney form – Complete the top portion of the form by inserting the appropriate information as stated:

  • Parent(s) of said minor child(ren)
  • Name of the county in which the parent(s) reside
  • Child’s or children’s name(s)
  • Name of the agent
  • County where the agent resides

Step 4 – Read statements 1-6.  In paragraph 6 enter:

  • Parent(s) name(s)
  • Agent’s name

Step 5 – If you would like a revocation date in advance – enter the following information into paragraph 7:

  • Enter the name of the agent
  • Enter the child(ren’s) name(s)
  • Enter the date of revocation

Step 6 – Acquire the services of a notary public to witness the signing of the document. Do not sign the document prior to your being present before the notary. The notary will ask for identification and you will then sign the document. The remainder of the form will be for the notary to complete, sign and provide their stamp.

  • The notary will return the form to you, make a copy
  • Provide a copy to your attorney in fact